Our Facilities

In 2007, we consolidated all our operations in newly expanded facilities in the Greenville Business Park, just north of Appleton’s airport. All four business units are now headquartered in this full-featured site.


The office area houses customer service, inventory control, IT and management personnel. In addition to three conference rooms, the facility includes a comfortable lunch room and an employee fitness room.


The R.W. Hiller Bakery Technology Room,¬†Valley’s onsite training center, includes a fully equipped kitchen and classroom. This facility¬†is used for advanced training, certification, product testing and ongoing professional development and education. Click here to learn more.


Our storage capacity exceeds 8.7 million cubic feet. Overall, our facility has three warehouse temperature zones: 10 below zero deep freeze, 35-degree refrigeration, or ambient room temperature. Our main facility is less than 3 miles from US-41, the major north-south artery in the Fox Valley. Trucks are served with 25 bay loading docks.

Uninterruptible Power Supply – All on-site operations are supported by a UPS system to ensure uninterrupted continuity of our servers and essential office functions. Two industrial diesel generators stand ready to provide all our electrical needs.