Warehouse Statistics

  • Copy-of-Valley-5WMS, with RF and Voice pick capabilities
  • Live on line web inventory
  • Fully sprinkled fire suppression
  • Backup generators that can supply 100% power needs to facility
  • Open 24-5
  • ASI audit
  • FDA compliant
  • Specializing in case pick programs and consolidation with EDI capabilities


“Valley has been a great partner through the years and have always had excellent customer service.  I have felt like part of the Valley family since inception. If Valley could bottle what they have in Greenville and spread it throughout the US… everyone would be in a lot better shape.  I know that Schwans would have every location in our network converted immediately.  Valley remains the best run facility from top to bottom that I have ever dealt with in my 20 years of experience.  Glad to be a valued partner.”

– Mike Pfeffer
Facilities Operations Manager – North
Schwan Food Company