Our Products


Flour, Sugar, Shortening, Chocolate, Butter, Eggs, etc.

Mixes and Bases

Everything you need to make donuts, bread, cakes, etc.

Fillings and Icings

Full selections of fruit fillings, cake icings, glazes, flat icings, or anything you need for your business.

Frozen Dough

Don’t have time to mix, we have a full line of frozen dough products that you can proof and bake to have fresh product in your business.

Frozen – Thaw and Finish

Want to take it out of the freezer and finish at your business? We have a full line of products that you can make your own!

Frozen – Ready to Sell

If you are looking for the simplicity of high-quality products to take out of the freezer and put on your shelves for sale, we have you covered.


Need something to merchandise your products in? We have a full line of packaging from boxes, liners, clamshells, and bags.


We publish 5 seasonal catalogs each year and have a full product offering for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and the summer months.

Special Order

We have over 30,000 items available for special order; if we don’t stock it, we probably have it set-up as a special order item that you can order.